Here's just a small sampling of projects and clients we've worked with over the years.

NASA / Boeing TDRS Program

Tracking AND Data Relay Satellite System

Magna Tool designed and produced parts for NASA and Boeing as part of the TDRS satellite system. TDRS satellites are utilized by NASA to facilitate communication between ground and space.



Magna Tool participated in producing parts for GEOS satellites - NASA spacecraft flown as part of the National Geodetic Satellite Program (NGSP).

Space Shuttle Enterprise

The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was the centerpiece of the U.S. Space Transportation System. Magna Tool is proud to have participated in the production of parts for this monumental project. The Space Shuttle made its debut in 1981 as the new U.S. launch vehicle for human spaceflight in Earth orbit.

Enterprise as it banks on its second Approach and Landing Test, September 13, 1977.